Great Support

Give your prospective clients an indication of the quality and types of services you offer. Possibly include a testimonial from a client or similar to strengthen your claims.

The latest products in stock!

Tell your clients a little bit about the products you stock/any specials that are on offer etc. A slider is a nice way to promote yourself/products effectively.

Full image or image/text sliders

Remember, you can have full image sliders (so they take up the whole area available), or have half-text half-image. When making full image sliders, the dimensions should be 964px by 304px.

Vehicle Registration

A good idea would be to indicate to a potential client on the home page of your website:

  • List the key services you offer
  • Special services (remote/after hours support etc.)
  • Describe your services in detail (in the "Body" area below) as you would to a prospective client

About Us info

Give potential clients an idea who they are dealing with. Include the right info to make them feel comfortable with selecting you as their service provider or for their product needs:
  • Company history
  • Company mission statement
  • Employee qualifications
  • Affiliated organisations etc.
  • Contact us

    Celeste Waldeck  
    Mobile 0828219478
    Telephone 0126543199
    Office hours Mon - Fri 07:00 - 16:30
    No.7 Kamval Building Broadway East Street Valhalla Pretoria
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